Get Hundreds Of Free Pokie Spins

One big difference between playing pokies at land based casinos and doing it online hides under the term “free spins”. We are not referring to a feature that You can trigger by playing, but rather to sign-up bonus offers that are available only at internet casinos.

These days it is very common to see 50, 100 or even 200 free pokie spins offered for opening an account at a site and making the minimum required deposit. Often You don’t even need the deposit – casinos will give You 10 or 20 spins just for giving them Your e-mail address.

Throughout this article we will explore everything there is to know about this bonus type and also list offers that we think are of value.

Basics Explained

The only free cheese is in a mousetrap and that can be applied to free spins offers as well, especially any no deposit offers You might see around.

The most important metric for valuing any offer is called wagering requirements. It shows whether those free pokie spins are actually free. Here’s how it all works.

  • All casino bonuses feature requirements set up to protect the site offering them. This is usually shown as a certain number representing the total amount that has to be staked playing pokies.
  • Free spins, especially no deposit ones, will often have wagering requirements too. These might require You to play through any winnings for an x multiple.
  • Once You have finished the requirements, money is Yours to keep and can be withdrawn.

Important: read the terms and conditions at ALL TIMES. The above is true in many cases and very far from the truth in others. We usually will try to point out the good and bad about a particular offer, but double checking is always a good idea.

Deposit Offers

These will be the most common offers that You’ll stumble into – make a deposit of X and receive an Y number of free spins. Most of the time, no wagering will be required on winnings from these deals, but don’t live in an illusion – the spins will be for lowest bet amount possible.

Normally You’ll see something like 20c a spin on these and the average return will probably be in low double digits.

Having that said, one of the biggest Mega Fortune jackpots was won exactly from a free spins deal. The casino was running a special offer and gave away 10 free rounds on the jackpot game to all new deposit. One of the players who took them up for the offer ended up winning over $10 million!

No Deposit Offers

We generally suggest that You stay away from no deposit offers, be it free spins or cash bonuses. They take way too much time and effort when it comes to wagering requirements. You will already be lucky to win something from the initial bonus only to find out that an additional $10k has to be staked for You to withdraw anything.

Not only that, but most deals are structured in a way that only allows You to withdraw a maximum of $25 or $50. Perhaps if You are lucky and joined a generous casino, they will allow $100 to be taken home. Instead just save up a few bucks and make a real money deposit, end of the story.

Exclusive Deals

These are the deals You DO want and some of the best offers will be exclusives that popular websites have negotiated directly with the casinos. These often provide improved wagering requirements or a higher number of free spins.

As a reader You will always have access to the top deals and we make sure to constantly update or offerings with new and exclusive offerings. Sometimes a small minimum deposit will be required while other deals will be completely risk free.

Starburst Free Spins

This wonderful pokie machine from NetEnt is one of the most played online. Literally every casino seems to offer some sort of a free spins deal for it, be it deposit or no deposit. You can read our Starburst review here and decide for Yourself if this might be something of interest.

Some examples of common offers include 200 free spins offered by Leo Vegas Casino. 20 of these are available just for opening an account. Then You get additional 180 after first deposit – pretty sweet deal if You ask us! That is on top of $700 in cash rewards too.

Twin Spin Free Spins

Another popular pokie from NetEnt and more like a game that has defined the new design and functionality pattern the company now follows. Twin Spin is absolutely gorgeous and features a unique “twin reels” feature that should of had won some innovation of the year award in iGaming.

We are not trying to sell You on the game, but it’s hard to hide the fact that TS is one of our favourite pokie games out there.