Pokies with Win-Both Ways Feature

The world of online pokies offers rich and varied gameplay, which probably goes some way to explaining just why there are so many pokie lovers around.

However, some of the features available can seem a little confusing to new players, so here we are going to take a look at the’ Win Both Ways’ feature available on selected games.

Let’s take it back to basics for a moment. The way to win at pokies is to come up with matching symbols along one or more pay lines. Generally these winning pay lines are calculated from left to right as you look at the screen, so if you get three matching Kings (for example) they must appear in the first three reels starting from the left.

This can lead to no little frustration when you see 4 symbols in a line, but don’t get rewarded because none of them appear on the first reel. The Win Both Ways feature removes that element of frustration from gameplay and it keeps spins exciting right up to the final reel.

While it may seem that the win both ways feature would double your chances to win, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Game designers compensate for the 2 way pay-lines by either reducing the chances of winning or by offering smaller pay-outs.

This can have the consequence of creating rather less exciting playing experience, as you may not get to experience that winning feeling quite as often.

There are not too many pokies which offer Win Both Ways pay-lines, but we have tracked down a few examples which you might like to check out.


Try Games With This Features Free

Dragon Island

dragon-island-thumbDragon Island from NetEnt offers players the option of activating a win both ways feature within the game, simply by clicking the button titled like this, on the right side of the game.

It’s important to remember that by selecting this option you will double the amount you are betting, so make sure you are clear about how much you want to wager per line.

By selecting the 2 way option you also activate a ‘Golden Dragon’ wild symbol which doubles your profits when it features in a winning pay line.


starburst-logoStarburst, another game from the NetEnt team of developers, also allows players to win on pay-lines in both directions. Both way play is standard on this jewel encrusted pokies game, so you do not have the option to switch it on or off.

The wild expanding Starburst symbol is the other main attraction and it also works as a sticky wild. Whenever You see it on the reels, an extra re-spin is awarded.

It remains in its position and more wilds can appear during the re-spin. Seems like the cap on this are 3 wild symbols, which is our personal best.

Cyrus The Virus

Cyrus the Viruscyrus_the_virus_logo by Yggdrasil Gaming is a fun and quirky game which offers pay lines in both directions as standard. The little virus symbols become animated if 2 of them appear together, and are exterminated when three or more match in either direction to make a winning line. 

Unusually the middle reel is the last one to stop spinning in this game, meaning that you could have potential wins from either direction which depend on how the centre reel finishes up.  


Winning both ways allows You to form wins on a more consistent basis and isn’t that directly correlated with the reason You play? We love winning more than anything else, and that’s exactly what this feature helps You get done.

So before You categorize a game based on the amount of pay-lines offered, it might be worth checking it out. Some games with just 10 pay-lines, topped with this feature, offer a much more entertaining experience than those with 1024 ways to win.