Pokies With Linked Reels

twin spinHere at Pokies.org we like to deep dive into the world of pokies from time to time to give you an insight into some of the slightly more obscure gameplay features on offer. One such feature which appears on a select few pokie games is the Linked Reel option.

So what exactly do we mean when we refer to ‘linked reels’?

Basically, linked reels are two adjacent reels that spin together and show the same symbols in the same position – kind of like conjoined twin reels if you like. The advantage of a feature like this should be pretty obvious since, if you have the same symbols appearing on two consecutive reels, you only need one of the other reels to work out for you in order to reveal a winning line.

From time to time the linked reels will show the same symbol all over the reel which increases your chances of a win even further. For example, if you have got two linked reels each showing 3 Kings, then just one more King in the right spot could net you a large number of winning lines.

One thing to note is that the position of the linked reels on the screen will make quite a difference to their value. As most pokies pay-lines move from left to right, you really want to see the linked reels show up in the first two reels (or the second and third reel) so as to maximize your chances of a win.

Not much use having a couple of linked reels full of expanding symbols way over on the right-hand side of the screen with no matching symbols close enough for a winning line.

Try These Linked Reels Pokies For Free:

Our Favourite Games With This Feature

We are going to take a look at three pokies which incorporate linked reels into the gameplay, all brought to us by the good folks at Net Entertainment:

twin-spinTwin Spin: the name of this pokie lets you know that the linked reels are the principal feature of gameplay on offer here. Every spin will feature at least two linked reels, possibly three, four or even five if you are wearing your lucky rabbit’s foot.

The linked reels enliven what is otherwise a pretty standard fruit machine style pokie, but the prospect of the next spin revealing 5 reels linked together keeps you spinning those reels.


fantasini-master-of-mystery-slot-logoFantasini: Master of Mystery: Fantasini is the name of a rather ‘olde-worlde’ magician, and his main trick seems to be the ability to make reels become linked together. The symbols featured in this game relate to magic in some way, so you’ve got a crystal ball, handcuffs, cards, glamorous assistant, and the wild symbol is the Great Fantasini himself. 

During regular gameplay you will see at least two linked reels on every spin, up to a maximum of five linked reels for maximum payouts. The graphics are good if not outstanding, but the atmospheric music and sound effects keep the game moving along nicely.


Dazzle Me: the graphics on display here are somewhat less than dazzling I’m afraid, in fact they would best be described as ‘pretty ordinary’ and uninspired. But if the symbols are nothing new, the layout of the reels is definitely a bit different to the norm. Rather than the normal 3×5 layout we have come to expect from NetEnt games, this title features 3 symbols on the first two reels, 4 symbols on the 3rd and 4th reels and 5 on the 5th

However once you get past the quirky design, the game itself is nothing out of the ordinary. Linked reels show up in the Free Spins rounds here, appearing either on the first 2 reels or the second 2, and if you are particularly lucky on all four together.

Now you are familiar with Linked Reel pokies you may want to try one of the above for yourself. Practice a free game first to see whether you are likely to become twinned to linked reel pokies in the future.