Epic Winning Streak for a NetEnt Pokies Punter

May 26, 2015

We all play pokies hoping of winning a life changing amount of money, but that’s easier said than done. Last few weeks a member of the popular CasinoMeister forums have been incredibly lucky and as it appears, he has managed to take various online casinos for a sum that exceeds 6 figures. His largest wins were achieved playing two popular pokies created by Net EntertainmentTwin Spin and Dead or Alive.

The member in question goes by a forum handle “Nate” and that also appears to be his real name. We would just like to congratulate him on one of the greatest winnings streaks we have heard of. Note that all these wins have been achieved playing non progressive jackpot pokies and over around 1 month.

He took RedBet, a popular online casino, for €139,000 (roughly $AUD 200,000) just last weekend and they paid him within 2 hours. His streak has continued since and below You’ll find video materials that Nate himself has captured and edited. Some of these wins are really hard to believe, but it looks like they are becoming routine for the luckiest punter we know!

May 13th – $950 Deposit

Nate has been punting and winning for years now, but his first real breakthrough for the month came on May 13th. He made a deposit of $950 to Guts Casino and tried his luck playing $7 spins on one of their recently released pokies “The Wishmaster”. Needless to say that he won fairly big on this game too, as You can see below.

As he commented on the forums himself, after getting his cash balance up to $2,300 playing The Wishmaster pokie machine he decided to give a shot to the highly volatile Dead or Alive game.

Just a Couple of Max Bet Spins

Depending on the casino You play at, Dead or Alive pokie features a maximum wager of either $18 or $36 per spin. In this case (unfortunately?) it was $18 per spin. He wrote on the forums that his plan was to just spin DOA pokie until his balance hit $1,500 or he got a big win. This is what happened:

It did not take him long to get 3 scatters on the screen, which triggers the most lucrative feature of this game – the free spins. Now the key to success and a lucrative win here is get a pay-line made entirely of wild symbols. You are initially awarded with 12 free spins and every time a wild appears anywhere on the screen, it sticks in its position for the duration of feature.

Nate only had 2 spins remaining and had only won $216 during the feature. He also desperately needed wild symbols on the first and second rows to trigger additional 5 spins and possibly get a wild line. Needless to say that each of the last 2 spins awarded him a wild symbol on second and then first row, perfectly completing the wild line and awarded 5 additional spins. His final result from the feature was +$40,420.

WishMaster Again

Nate wasn’t anywhere close to being done though and the very next day, on May 14th, he posted another massive win on the WishMaster pokie machine during free spins. We can see that in the start of bonus feature he has a cash balance of $6,295.20 and after he has played all the free spins, it’s $25,000.20 – not bad for a few minutes of work!

4 Days of Silence

We didn’t hear from Nate until 18th of May and that left us wondering. Has he already gone on a well earned vacation and is enjoying his winnings by drinking margaritas on the beach? Well, on 10th of May he posted another shocking video with a massive win on NetEnt’s Twin Spin pokie.

This time he was in a full high-roller mode, wagering anywhere from $37.50 and $62.50 per spin. Once it started to seem that he might have ran out of his luck and he was down approximately $6,000, he got it all back and then some.

The biggest win of the video occurs at 2.11 when he gets what every punter dreams of playing this slot – 5 twin reels. If You get this feature activated, big win is almost always a lock. Of course, he got a full screen of K symbols which on a 243 ways-to-win pokie machine is simply huge. He got $24.300 for his efforts and decided to call it a day.

It’s Time For WMS Pokies

We heard from Nate the very next day, when he posted a yet another big win video playing the Raging Rhino 2 pokie, created by WMS Gaming.

He triggered and re-triggered the free spins feature multiple times, which led to an awesome $14,532.00 win from an initial wager of $28. Complete video of this feature win is available below.

Back to Dead or Alive

Nate got back to posting on the forums on May 21st and it was once again the Dead or Alive pokie machine that paid out a huge sum to him during the free spins feature. This time he played for maximum stake available – EUR 18 per spin and walked away with a win of 53,640 euros after the feature ended. This is equal to around $AUD75k, so once again an incredible win and the hot streak continues.

Oops I Did It Again…

Then when we and everyone on the forums though Nate could not get any luckier, he destroyed the Dead or Alive pokie once again. His post on May 22nd started with a sentence “Oops I did it again…” and a video that You can see below.

Playing for the maximum bet again, Nate managed to trigger free spins and get a wild-line going throughout the feature. He walked away over 50,000 euros richer once again and thanked RedBet for executing his payment within 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Winning streaks like this are exactly why we play pokies to begin with. Only Nate knows how much he has won in net profits over the course of last 30 days, but we estimate it to be approximately $AUD 300,000. If You or Your friends don’t really believe that it’s possible to win big playing online pokies, this is a great example of how wrong You or they are.

Can’t wait to play any of the pokies Nate has played above? We can suggest doing that at Guts Casino that offers them all, except for the Raging Rhino pokie from WMS. They are also known for executing withdrawals in 2 hours or less, so if You hit it big like Nate did, You’ll be able to enjoy Your winnings shortly after!