Casino Bonuses – Yes or No?

We all get fairly excited when someone says that they will give us a bonus. Almost always that means that we have earned something of additional value, either for working hard or being smart and taking advantage of a specific situation.

The latter is certainly accurate when talking about casino bonuses for pokie players and this article will be a complete guide towards that. The only real question we will be answering is whether pokie bonuses are actually worth claiming to begin with. Before you get confused, make sure to read the following paragraphs on this page.

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Why Claim a Bonus?

The obvious advantage and reasoning for claiming a casino bonus is to simply have additional funds for playing. Casinos offer welcome bonuses and packages of various size, but normally these range from $200 to $1,000 with deposit match of 100% to 200%.

What this means is that you can find a casino that will give you $1,000 free for depositing that amount. Free does not actually mean free in this scenario, since these bonuses have wagering requirements – terms that you need to fulfill in order to withdraw the funds.

These terms are in place to protect the casinos against abuse and players who are trying to beat the system. When internet gambling was booming in 2000 to 2005, it was actually rather easy to find a bonus that was +EV, meaning that it had a positive expectation and players were making money clearing them. In 2015 that’s pretty much impossible.

So are bonuses worth the hassle? We don’t think so. There are many limitations applied to what you can do and how you can play after claiming a bonus. We would much rather recommend depositing your owns funds and cashing out whenever you feel like it. Below You will also find a more insightful explanation on why casino bonuses are not worth the hassle.

Why You Might NOT Want a Casino Bonus

When you visit a casino website it’s all pretty. They say that you only need to deposit something and they’ll just hand out free money by matching your deposit by giving you double or triple that amount. How can you say no to that? After reading this paragraph, You’ll likely ask yourself why would you ever say yes instead.

Casinos, be it online or brick & mortar in Las Vegas, are all about business and making money. They are companies offering entertainment and a bonus is nothing more than a tool of acquisition for them. Even though we don’t have actual statistics to support this, it’s probably true that a casino that offers a deposit bonus will get more players than one that does not. Otherwise they would not offer it in the first place.

So what’s bad about bonuses? Terms and conditions. All of them have a smaller print with multiple pages of what you can and cannot do. Players who claim the bonus automatically agree to these terms and they can often be fairly ridiculous.

No, we are not referring to wagering conditions that you will have to fulfill in order to cash out any money. Rather the horrible limitations include a certain set of games that qualify, maximum betting limits. Some casinos will even disqualify you for using some sort of a basic betting pattern, like the Martingale System – how ridiculous is that?

In essence it’s like this. Once you claim a casino bonus, you lose control of your own destiny. You’re not calling the shots anymore and will be forced to fulfill any requirements in order to get your winnings out. Of course, all legitimate casinos will allow you to forfeit the bonus at any time and get your initial deposit back, but not your winnings.

The simple solution to this? DO NOT take a bonus. Simply deposit money without any bonus codes. If they still give you a bonus, contact live chat support and ask them to remove it. You do want to call the shots right? If so, this is how to do just that.

No Deposit Bonuses

These deals are even worse than regular bonuses, offered for making a deposit. Claiming a no deposit bonus is a complete waste of time and we would definitely not recommend that to anyone. There’s one exception to this with some free spins deals, which we’ll touch in later paragraphs.

For those that think no deposit bonuses offer a chance to make something out of nothing, we suggest reading common wagering requirements included in the deal. You will often have to wager multiple hundred times your bonus amount and as if that would not be enough, the maximum cash-out almost always is either $50 or $100. The verdict is fairly obvious – stay away and just make a deposit or play free.

Free Spins

Free pokie spins are commonly offered to new players, either as a part of welcome package to depositors or with no deposit required. This is actually the only form of no deposit casino bonuses that we stand by and here’s why.

There are free spins deals for Australian and NZ players that require no wagering on winnings! That’s right, you’ll get anywhere between 10 and 50 free spins on select pokie machines and get to keep your winnings that are available for withdrawing right away.