About us

Eddie Green_Pokies.org logo_comission_5_2015_completeWe love pokies, simple as that! All reviews on this website are written by people who think of playing these machines as one of their main hobbies.

Together we have more than 10 years of experience in internet gaming, so we also have a pretty good idea of what great online pokies and casinos are all about.

This knowledge is exactly why hundreds of readers visit us and browse through our pages every day. Looking for the latest pokie games worth playing? Visit pokies.org! Want to join a new casino that’s safe and owned by a legit company? Visit pokies.org for recommendations on this too!

This website really is different

There are hundreds or probably even thousands of websites dedicated to online pokies, but we have a different mission in mind. Most other sites are simply listing all casinos and pokies they can find, without doing any testing themselves.

While we can understand how this might add value when done with pokies, it’s ridiculous with online casinos. It is true that majority of brands are indeed legit, but You only have to be wrong once to potentially lose a huge amount of money.

The stamp of approval by these sites means nothing, as they are too busy trying to improve their bottom line, instead of caring for their players and providing honest recommendations.

This is where we, the team of pokies.org, come in. All casinos that are listed on this website are legitimate, will payout quickly and Your money will be safe at all times.

Understanding what playing is all about

We love giving You exclusive bonuses, free spins and telling You about the latest pokies to be or just released. Having that said, we want You to understand that gambling and playing pokies online is all about fun and entertainment.

It might seem like such an innocent activity, but You have to be careful and understand what and why You are doing at all times. We have seen too many perfectly rational people lose it once they start playing.

Please don’t be one of them. If You might have a problem, check http://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au for some free advice.